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Our mine rehabilitation capabilities

A mine closure plan, along with revegetation, topsoil management and other mining rehabilitation services, is crucial to ensuring that mined land is returned to its pre-mining state. ReGen can assist mining companies with this, ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines and specific sustainability and post-mining land use criteria.

Our extensive range of capabilities includes:

  • Providing all components of a mine closure plan, including landform design, progressive mine rehabilitation, waste rock or spoil management and water-management structures, to a standard that meets regulatory requirements, corporate and industry standards, and aligns with environmental and stakeholder aspirations and values.
  • Bulk earthworks, including landform profiling, tailings storage facility decommissioning and closure, leveraging Downer Mining’s cost-effective earthmoving capability and track record.
  • Civil capacity, including topsoil handling and placement, ripping, final grade profiling, water-management structure construction and erosion mitigation structures, such as rock armouring.
  • Revegetation of native ecosystems or other agreed post-mining land use using seeds or seedlings, including soil preparation and amelioration requirements, such as fertilizers.
  • Post-closure management and maintenance, such as weed control, erosion repairs and landform / ecosystem monitoring, to meet post-mining criteria and stability.

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