Bulk Earthworks

ReGen has an extensive fleet of mining and civil equipment to meet the needs of the project. Our equipment list includes excavators, loaders, tippers, dump trucks, water trucks, graders, dozers and scrapers. Our centralised plant management system, and a comprehensive range of maintenance management systems and support tools, ensures the safe and effective operation and maintenance of equipment. Our equipment is managed through Downer Mining’s maintenance management standards and systems to ensure reliability and safety.

Where deemed suitable, our equipment is fitted with high precision GPS grade control survey equipment. The survey equipment is a fully automated machine control solution to finish grade and limit grade stakes. Fully backwards compatible with other machine control systems, GPS+ can also be used in combination with other grade sensors, such as Sonic Trackers, slope sensors and laser receivers. Other key benefits are real-time cut and fill mapping, initial site measurement to daily progress and as-built checks.