Mine Closure Planning

A mine closure plan is a crucial part of environmental management in the mining industry. Within Australia, it is a requirement to plan mine closure before any mining work even commences, continuing throughout the life of the mine until closure and the need for final revegetation. This not only helps the environment, but is also good business practice, preventing the need for costly remedial earthworks later in the project.

How ReGen can help

At ReGen, we work closely with our clients to create a mine closure plan that will cover the entire project lifecycle. This includes not only mine closure planning itself, but also final earthworks and revegetation activities after mine closure. We can help every step of the way, completing the planning and the actions involved. This means you get the full package, so you can focus on the mining project and let us work on the closure plan and everything associated with that.

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For more information about our mine closure plans, as well as our other capabilities, visit our Contact page to find the appropriate representative for your location. ReGen will be happy to organise a consultation to discuss your project in further detail.