Land Revegetation & Remediation

Good, fertile land is precious and while it can be a good mining resource, it should also be protected and maintained during and after use. One way to ensure the land used for mining is kept in top condition is with environmental remediation. This involves the revegetation of the land to bring it back to its original state! At ReGen, we offer land regeneration services to all of Australia’s mining companies.

How ReGen can help

At ReGen, we work closely with our clients to establish a specific habitat type and choose the appropriate seeding mix for their licence conditions. Direct seeding is undertaken with equipment or, if this is impractical, by hand. Our experience in this area ranges from grazing management to native grasslands and tree corridors. 

We understand the importance of correctly built and maintained seeding equipment, and we have reciently designed a customised mechanical air-seeding unit with the following key features:

  • Adjustable application rate that is independent from the machinery
  • Directed seed application nozzles to ensure correct and even distribution
  • Separate compartments to ensure stability within the seed mixing drum
  • Agitators to ensure “husk” on grass seeds does not cause “clumping”
  • Large capacity to allow for maximum efficiency and different seed types to be spread evenly.